NYS Mandates/Massage Therapy August 2020

NYS Mandates for Massage Therapy August 2020

Safety Plan:

I adhere to requirements for hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hand hygiene stations including soap, water, paper towels and alcohol based hand sanitizer in male/female bathrooms.

Hand sanitizer station located in massage therapy room.

Regular cleaning and disinfection in bathrooms and massage therapy room before and after each client. Signage near hand sanitizer station. Closed receptacles for disposal of soiled items, including PPE.

Work station cleaned and disinfected after each client. Work station chair covered and replaced before new client's session.

Cleaning & Disinfecting products approved by EPA.

Signage reminded of social distancing guidelines inside and outside of facility.

Implementing mandatory health screening assessment via questionnaire and temperature check for clients and therapist.

Clients must only be permitted entry into facility if they wear an acceptable face covering. Client maintains face covering throughout session but is able to remove face covering while prone (face down) replacing when turning supine (face up).

Massage therapist wears face covering  and goggles/shield throughout session.

Face covering must be cleaned if damaged or soiled, and properly stored or discarded.

Cotton pillow case draped over face cradle during massage session.

Clients are asked to wait in their cars or outside the personal care facility until time of appointment. They will be greeted at the door, asked COVID questions and taken directly to the massage therapy room. No waiting rooms are allowed.